Meet Some of our Team Members:

Paula McCollum and Ziva
President, SARTECH II, Training Director/Instructor

ISARD Member

Current Certifications:
NAPWDA: Cadaver (& obedience)

Paula McCollum and Suzie (retired)
NAPWDA: Tracking, Obedience (2009)

Ashley Rose & Bee
Current Certifications:
NAPWDA: Cadaver (& obedience)



Rhonda Yadon - Support Team Member

Marcia Hoyt - Support Team Member

Rick Cudd - Support Team Member

Chris Ross and Annwn
Current Certifications:
NAPWDA: Cadaver (& obedience)

Carla Ramsey - Support Team Member

Paula McCollum and Jeb

Jeb passed away peacefully Feb 22, 2014. He was 15yrs old and had a fantastic search and obedience career. A grand old man! He is missed every day. Love you Jebbie!

TVSD in the Community

Treasure Valley Search Dog volunteers put in many hours increasing public awareness about search and rescue trained dogs.

We visit schools, scout groups, agencies and community events to give informational and education presentations and demonstrations to educate people in the community about how to survive in the wilderness if lost and about how our teams are trained and utilized.

Contact us for more information if you would like us to give a presentation or demonstration.

How you can help...

TVSD was founded in January of 2002 due to the need for a local reliable K9 SAR resource for law enforcement to call upon. You can help by joining TVSD with one of several different membership options.

You may also help by making a monetary contribution to help us pay for training and equipment. If you would like to donate equipment or services, contact us for more information.

Our members donate many hours to the community training themselves and their K9 partners, visiting other groups and going in the field on searches. We pay for all our own training and equipment. You assistance is very much appreciated!


  • An Affiliate member supports TVSD with a monetary contribution of $25 or more.
  • A K9 Training member trains their dog to become an Operational member, one that is called out on searches with their K9.
  • An Associate member helps out with activities such as fundraising or public events.
  • A Support member assists K9 handlers on searches and training.

Contact us for information on memberships.

Treasure Valley Search Dogs - 208-850-4124 -

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